How To Get Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

June 27, 2018

Most people start their new year with goals to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, similar to most resolutions when you are trying to maintain healthier habits, this might only last for a few weeks or months and then it’s back to the old ways. The following are some of the benefits […]

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The BDSM Lifestyle

May 27, 2018

We hear the word kinky on a regular basis, mostly in jokes and innuendos, as a way of describing something sexually odd. The reality is that there is no set definition for what “kinky” is. Kinky (kink) is defined as a sexual practice hat maybe considered taboo or contradictory to societal norms. As a result […]

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Learn How To Get An Interesting Lifestyle

April 27, 2018

What is an interesting lifestyle and how do you define it? I came up with a sentence that I felt covered it well. “Doing what you want to do” Simple isn’t it? An interesting life has been created by an interesting character. So in order to develop an interesting lifestyle one must first become interesting […]

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